Welcome to the site of MD International

business teamMD INTERNATIONAL was founded by two brothers - Dragoslav and Miroslav Micic, December 1997. year.

Founded as a family company, soon surpassed their expectations, so that the MDI from the very beginning until today has an upward line of your business. 2011th year ended on 96 position in Serbia, as the most successful companies.

Our 300 employees in four distribution centers, contribute to their hard work the successful marketing of products of our principals. The basis of MDI's success is in very good organization, technical and logistic support, the high quality staff, excellent distribution ... in a word, our "know-how."

The team spirit that exists in MDI leads us to the joint interests, and better results that contribute to MDI is a strong and stable partner. We wish to be, for all our current and potential associates, a reliable partner - someone you can always rely on.

MDI’s future is in the new programs, its own distribution centers and a quality human resources.